Mountain Goat

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A mountain goat from my early May trip into Prince William Sound aboard Discovery Voyages – I was doing some work for them during the shorebird migration through the Copper River Delta.

I head out today for a 5 day and 4 night trip with my friends at Discovery Voyages, along with my buddy Hugh who I have worked with from Alaska to Antarctica – he is the expedition leader for the trips to Antarctica with Cheesemans.

I am really excited to be heading out into the beautiful Prince William Sound – especially with a first rate operation like Discovery Voyages.  From the food down to the most minor detail, they do everything first class.  Some operators don’t provide boot, rain gear or binoculars.  Some provide cheap versions of that gear.  On Discovery Voyages, they provide the guests Xtra-tuf boots, Patagonia rain tops and pants, and top notch binos.  Same gear I use and I live here!  They do everything right.  But, the real star of the show is Prince William Sound – the scenery, glaciers and wildlife are hard to beat!  I’m pretty sure I’ll have photos to share next week!

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