Mt Drum

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Mt Drum, Wrangel-St. Elias National Park, Alaska.

Mt Drum, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska.

 I picked up a magazine assignment to photograph a fisherman in Cordova.  I’m thrilled, because the timing perfectly correspondes with the amazing shorebird migration.  We had a wonderful time here last year, but weren’t sure if we were going to return this year – this made that decision easy!

We normally travel to Cordova via the Alaska State Ferry from Whittier, but  the road to Whittier was closed thanks to a landslide.  This forced us to make the long drive around to Valdez just to catch the ferry.  That’s ok, it is a beautiful drive!  We timed it so that we would pass through Glennallen right at sunset Sunday night so the we could photograph the Wrangell Mountains.  Sunset wasn’t anything special, but the mountains sure are!

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  1. Stunning view Ron. I’d say the long drive was worth it. Even though I’ve seen it and have lived there, Alaska’s raw beauty always amazes me… such is the case with this photo.

  2. No doubt, Ron. This is a beautiful view. I’d love to visit Alaska some day, and you’re not helping that urge go away 🙂

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  4. Hey Ron,

    Dude – I was about a half mile from you, down river. And man, the Copper is FLYING!!! Was a nice evening, eh?

    By the way, 2 ‘l’s in Wrangell. 🙂

    Looks like I’ll miss you in Cordova, which is a bummer.



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    Hey Carl,

    I can’t believe you were a half mile away! The river is really roaring.

    That is a bummer the reservations aren’t working out for Cordova!



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  7. Hi Ron
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  8. Amazing shot. Ron, how did you come up with such a shot? have you tried GND filter? if you do, which stop you use?

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    I used a two stop hard edge GND filter in this image. Had there not been sun on the trees in the foreground, I would have gone to a 3 stop. Thanks!

    Alex, I’m not sure how to do a backlink – I will check it out.


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