Nevada Wildflower Report

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Wildflowers, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Wildflowers, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

In general, I would say Southern Nevada is much greener and has more wildflowers then what we found in California.  There aren’t the huge fields like us photographers like, but some very nice pockets here and there.

Valley of Fire State Park had the best, especially in some of the cooler, shady pockets – I found one particularly nice area in the back-country.  In general, the brittlebush was the best, and blooming along the highway in spots. There was beaver-tail blooming a many places as well.   In addition, I also found some desert gold, phacelia, rabbitbush and even two weakstem mariposa.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area also had a few blooms here and there.  There were some nice bunches of desert sunflowers near the North end of the park.  The best area was just passed Mile 38 where there was an abundance of blooming beavertail cactus on both sides of the road.

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