Night Blooming Cactus flower photo

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Night blooming cactus

This beautiful cactus flower only lasts one night.

I was very fortunate to capture this and a few other blooms of this Night Blooming Cactus last May in the Mojave Desert.  The flower blooms at night, and only lasts one night as it quickly fades the following morning in the warm desert sun.  This bloom was photographed on the shady side of the cactus right at the first light of sunrise. 

I have had trouble getting an exact identification of this cactus, it is possibly a hybrid as this bloom was found in a backyard garden.  I have seen similar blooms identified as a Queen of the Night Cactus or an Orchid Cactus.

Here are more Mojave Desert wildflowers

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  3. They are beautiful flowers I have catus around my house some of the catus have flowers in white and some in red they bloom earliy morning and close afternoon. It takes seven years for the catus to mature then bloom. they are heavy flowers and generally bloom and fall off if not stable.

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