San Diego Moon Travel Guide Cover

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San Diego Moon Travel Guide Cover

This photo was from our trip to San Diego a little over a year ago.

Magazines and books often select more then one photo to mock up for cover consideration.  We had been on a bit of a losing streak lately missing out on what could have been exciting covers for National Geographic Adventure and Via Magazine.  Maybe now our luck is changing!

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  2. Cool cover!! Hope your luck will change. I’m sure it will, because you have some awesome photos in your cache. I was born in Santa Monica, & my parents were married in Tijuana. I used to love to go to San Diego, La Jolla, & through the desert. Have you ever seen the Tarantula parade across the highways or roads in the desert? I only saw it twice, & I guess that’s why I hate spiders now! But it was facinating to see! We also got to go to the Salton Sea, which is very interesting! Hope you & Janine are doing well!

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    Hi Beth,

    You know I was born in San Diego, and spent my very early years visiting all those same places before we moved to Alaska. I have seen Tarantulas, but not a parade of them, that would have been fascinating.

    We are doing well, thanks for the comment!


  4. I was born in Santa Monica as well. Peacocks are one of my very most favorite birds, great
    shot Ron. I have tried to paint them several times and none were to my liking.

    What used to spook me the most was when Ron and his sister were toddlers and loved playing outdoors in the dirt, I found a Rattlesnake near them once and more than once a big hairy Tarantula. No problem with these critters in Alaska.

    🙂 Mom

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