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Sunrise, San Francisco, California.

Sunrise, San Francisco, California.

Janine is finished updating our section of San Francisco photos.

I feel like we covered a lot of ground in two very short trips to San Francisco – I tend to be more productive on these short trips as every minute is spent either walking around scouting or photographing – I get full immersed in the photography process and that seems to be helpful.  On longer trips, I can’t keep up that pace for one, and other things like office work become a distraction.  But even on a longer trip like our 6 to 8 week trips, I like to throw in a few stretches where I’m up early and late and going all day concentrating on nothing but photography – sometimes that just works best for me.  I suppose office work is still being productive, it just doesn’t feel that way as much as there often aren’t the tangible results to show for it.

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  2. Holy Crow! You took a lot of great shots in a short amount of time; did you get any sleep in San Francisco???

    So is there any method to your scouting a new location or do you just sort of wing it? I’m curious about your process of finding great photo spots.

  3. Tremendous shot leaving no question where it was taken. Captures the eclectic nature of San Francisco, with a pastel touch. Nice.

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    Thanks everyone!

    @ Steve, I should mention that I spent two nights there on an earlier trip, although still, I don’t think I have covered as much ground in as little time as I have in San Francisco! It helps that things are fairly close together.

    I have had a couple of people ask that question – I think I will do a blog on it.


  5. True, things are pretty close together; I imagine you spent more time looking for parking than actually driving! Parking in those areas can be a nightmare. Great pics – thanks for sharing!

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