Sandhill Cranes

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Sandhill Cranes

The last couple of days it seems whenever I have stepped outside the house, I have been greeted by the wonderful sound of passing flocks of Sandhill Cranes.  A quick glance to the sky usually reveals the large V shape pattern of the migrating birds.  It looked like one large group landed nearby town last night maybe to rest for the night.

 Lots of birds are beginning to show up in Alaska for the summer, we are heading into an exciting season!  I am always amazed by the annual bird migration, we see birds arriving from Hawaii, South America and even Africa!

I photographed this particular Sandhill Crane near Seward a number of years ago.  This was one of a pair that I thought might summer here, but they evidentually moved on.

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  1. There are three animals at the top of my list to photograph, and Sandhill Cranes are one of them. Must be nice to have a bird liek this just outside your house.

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  3. Hawaiian tropic models. 🙂 Seriously, a tide pool octopus and a bald eagle. I saw four or five really huge birds nesting in a palm tree behind the fenced off area yesterday at Bolsa Chica that I think might have been eagles but I’m not sure. They were the size of a small person, so I’m guessing that’s what they were. One flew past me slowly but I was so shocked at the size that I didn’t get any shots off.

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    Interesting list. Sounds like you need to visit Alaska – you can knock of 2 out of 3 pretty easily!

    I kind of doubt those were eagles at Bolsa Chica. I say that because nesting eagles are very territorial. They usually need a fair amount of space between nests. I don’t remember ever seeing ealges there. I wonder what they were?

  5. They were black or dark brown with yellow or orange beaks / face, I didn’t get a really good look. They were a lot bigger than cormorants though I think.

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  7. You might just be right. My first thought was condors, but then again, I’ve only seen two before in the wild so I ruled that out, but vultures of some sort was still on the back of my mind. I didn’t know that turkey vultures nested in trees though. I’ve only seen them on the ground so I assumed they were ground-based birds. Thanks man.

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