Seward, Alaska

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Seward, Alaska.

Seward, Alaska.

This is my awesome little hometown during some nice weather last week!  Since I was flying in a helicopter with the doors off on my way to Bear Glacier, I thought I would grab a few photos of my favorite town.  I kinda like this photo as it shows not only the town, but the boat harbor and the trail up Mt. Marathon – two things that really help define this coastal community.  For those that don’t know, the 4th of July race up and down Mt. Marathon is the second oldest foot race in the United States, second to only the Boston Marathon – and a huge visitor draw to Seward each year.  Once upon a time I used to run the race, now I save the mileage on my knees for packing camera gear.

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  1. Cool photo! Is your home one of those in the photo, Ron? I was wondering which mountain you can see from your house that you have photographed in different seasons.

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    @ Dennis – thanks!

    @ Jon – I agree, we had so very few nice days this year – thanks goodness we have had a nice run of weather here at the end of summer.

    @ Noella You can kind of see my house in this photo (it is close to the bright blue building), but not the mountain I’m always photographing. Mt. Alice, the one I have a million photos of is straight across the bay to camera right and not visible in this photo. Thanks!

  3. Hey Ron

    Pat Metheny and John Scofield did an album called “I Can See Your House From Here”. You should do a slideshow with that track as the soundtrack. 🙂

    Isn’t it funny how much LESS steep some of these mountains look at certain angles? You go up or down or sidehill them and they seem nearly sheer – in a photo, they often don’t quite the same degree of gnarliness.



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    @ Richard – the peak across from us keep snow or glacier ice on parts of them through out the summer – but the ones in this photo usually lose the snow by the end of summer.

    @ Jerry – true!

    Thanks Sunny!

  6. I personally have never been to Seward, Alaska but this image I am sure does not to it justice. I have been to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and I know when I take a look at my pictures from my trip it is not the same as real life. The scenery is beautiful with the mountains set behind the city. It really shows the perspective of the city to the huge mountains.

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