Seward Floods

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 Old Mill Subdivision

I wrote and posted photos two days ago about the flooding in Seward, and thought an update was due.

It hasn’t rained as hard the last couple of days, and some of the rivers have begun to recede.  The damage isn’t widespread, but the areas that did get hit, got hit hard.  It is really sad to see the flooded areas.  It is heartbreaking to see friends homes surrounded by water.  It will be days before access to some areas is restored.  Fortunately the forecast shows the weather improving later in the week. 

In this photo heavy equipment works to save the bridge into Old Mill Subdivision as water flows over the bridge..  This creek is typically a trickle.  This was about an hour ago

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  1. I was thinking about you guys today, I was wondering how it was going there! I’m glad the weather is turning and hopfully all the flooding will be gone soon! I know the clean up takes for ever!

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