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Shorebirds, Copper River Delta, Alaska.

Shorebirds, Copper River Delta, Alaska

This flock of shorebirds nearly formed the shape of  a heart.  I captured this last spring and saved it thinking it would be a perfect post for Valentines day – not realizing it would fall on a holiday weekend.  So I thought I would post it today.  It wouldn’t take too much PhotoShop work to make it into a perfectly shaped heart, but I prefer leaving items as seen.

Actually, this tight formation of fast flying birds making constant direction changes was the result of an attacking predator.

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  2. Great image! Very clean, an excelent example of “less is more”! The fog and the heart shaped flock makes it something to remember 🙂

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  4. Really amazing Ron. I have always wanted the opportunity to photograph a flock like this. We get batches of starlings around here that can practically fill the sky, but it always seems like I am in the middle of running errands or something when I see them.

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