Summit Lake, Mount Evans, Colorado

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Summit Lake, Mount Evans, Colorado.

Summit Lake, Mount Evans, Colorado.

This lake sits at 12,830 feet – and there is a road to it!  In fact, the road continues to the top of Mount Evans in the distance at 14,264 making it the highest paved road in North America.  Unfortunately it is closed beyond Summit Lake after the Labor Day weekend.
When I was hiking around, the elevation really wasn’t noticeable – but at one point I realized my battery was going to die, so I ran back to the truck for another one, and wow – that air is thin!
My super model slept in this morning, so you get stuck with a rare photo of me today!

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  2. Beautiful place and capture Ron, heading back to Yellowstone tomorrow to see if we can find some big bulls in the rut and hopefully find some more bears. Also picked up a new camera this week. Nikon’s new D300 S

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    I agree Gary – that wake up alarm is “work”! But, once the light starts to appear, I forget all about it and the fun begins.

    Thanks Dennis. You should have a great trip, I love Yellowstone this time of year. Have fun with your new camera.

    Hi Richard – I didn’t feel sick, but I did start to get a little bit of a headache.

  4. That is very nice. I always forget to put myself in photos! My wife teases me that there is no proof that I actually exist, just where I have been!

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    Maybe you don’t exist Chris LOL. Yeah, I’m bad about posing for photos as well, but it is nice to have both versions. Thanks.

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  7. This is a stunning photo. I was just there today, and took an almost identical shot. I wanted some references/comparisons to mine. I have a pathetically simple, but functional, point and shoot camera. I don’t know how to work a complicated camera and with two small children, there isn’t much time to learn that right now. But I love looking at better versions of the pictures I take so I make sure I have it semi-right! Thanks for posting, this is just great.

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  9. I was remembering my first trip to the top of Mt.Evans — before the visitor center burned. My uncle drove me directly there from Stapleton Airport when I arrived from the East Coast. I jumped out of his Jeep at the top to head to the visitors’ center and experienced altitude sickness fore the first time! Felt like I’d smoked some kind of funny weed.

    There are usually bighorn sheep and mountain goats up there, especially in the fall. Hope you saw some up close and personal.

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