Teklanika River

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Sunset over the Teklanika River valley, Denali National Park, Alaska.

Sunset over the Teklanika River valley, Denali National Park, Alaska.

This was a wonderful, long lasting sunset last Friday night in Denali!

For those of you familiar with the movie or the book Into the Wild (Great book and movie by the way) this is the river that Chris McCandless wasn’t able to cross  to escape from the bus – this spot is maybe 15 miles upstream from his location.

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  1. I love how the light separates two mountain ranges- making one red and the other blue. Fantastic moment captured!

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    Thanks Iza!

    Thanks Jon! Save some good light for you – this is just about the first good light I have seen all summer, so maybe I have saved a lot!

  3. Awesome Ron. I didn’t realize that McCandless had died in Denali. Great movie and book though.

    Gary – I heard that some small plane pilot crashed in Denali when I was in Alaska. I think he was friends w/ the owner of the lodge we were at.

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    Thanks Russ!

    Thanks Gary. Yeah, unfortunately a backpacker was killed trying to cross this river a few days ago. That swift, cold water is more challenging then it looks.

    Thanks Richard. McCandless was just a bit north outside of Denali National Park.

  5. While I was staring at my eyelids, you were out trudging through the tundra for this amazing shot. Thanks!

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  7. It’s like the sky, the clouds, the mountains, and the river are all coming together over this one spot on earth. How did you make all the elements cooperate like that, Ron?

    Very beautiful.

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