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  1. Dear Ron

    Surfing onthe net, I popped with your photo’s site. I was amazed and stunned observing all your beautiful work.

    Nature is something you can always be discovering, I love all the colors and textures you can find outdoors. I just wanted to give you my congratulations, and to tell you that your pics have pleased my eyes and soul.

    God bless you


    Santiago of Chile

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    Hi Constanza,

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a nice comment. Comments like yours mean a lot to me, I appreciate it very much.

    Ron Niebrugge

  3. WOW These pictures are amazing.I will finally get to come to Ketchinikan in September for a wedding. I’m from Arkansas. Now that I have seen some of your photos I just can’t wait.Thanks for sharingand thanks for having such a great site!
    Cathy Wilson

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    Hi Cathy,

    Thanks a lot for the nice comment!

    I hope you have some nice weather in Ketchikan. They get a lot of rain down there, but when you do get a nice day, it can be really beautiful!


  5. Beautiful pictures….nothing like i have ever seen before….those lovely pictures keep me coming back for more !

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  7. My boyfriend is an avid hiker. His trip this year will be Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons. I am very impressed with your photos! You are very talented,,happy that you share these with others. I sent him this site, you sound very much like the hiker/photographer that he is, staying away from the mainstream. He is not a professional photographer, however a very good one. He was so impressed with your fantastic images. Great job! So happy that I found this site, and can enjoy your fantastic eye,,best pictures!!

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    Hi Sandy. Thanks a lot for the nice comment! I love the Grand Teton / Yellowstone area – and there are a lot of great places to escape the crowds. He should have a wonderful trip – hopefully you can join him!


  9. The photo of Grand Teton last night is beautiful. I do oil paintings and I am definately going to paint that scene. I have visited that area but only in the winter. The fall is absolutely beautiful.

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