The Milepost 2008

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The Milepost

Well I haven’t subjected you to my shameless self promotion in awhile, but this one is too excited to pass up.  For the second year in a row I have a photo on the cover of The Milepost! 

As I wrote last year, this is a special cover for me, as I remember growing up, every traveler through Glennallen carried a copy of this extremely valuable travel guide.  To this day, I still make sure I have the current Milepost with me as I travel around Alaska and Canada as it has detailed mile by mile descriptions of anything you may encounter – not only the mountains and rivers, but the restaurants and campgrounds as well.  If you are driving to Alaska, you must have the latest copy of The Milepost!

The photo was taken in late September at Tern Lake, part of the Chugach National Forest, about 35 miles out the Seward Highway from Seward.  Wait a second, a quick peak at The Milepost tells me this lake is 37.2 miles from Seward. 🙂

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  1. I just picked up my copy the other day. I didn’t realize how big it was! I’m making my first trip to Alaska in a few weeks. Can’t wait.

  2. I instantly remembered the red fox once I saw the title of this blog post. That’s cool Ron. I think they have an older copy of the Milepost at my local library.

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    Hi Micah,

    Yeah the think is huge, like 800 pages. You can’t really read the whole thing, but it is helpful to read up on potential destinations. It is also fun to read ahead each day about the stretch of road you will be driving. Have a great trip!

    Thanks Rick and Richard – good memory Richard!


  4. Congrats Ron-
    You’ve got a great run going on here, I don’t blame you for not sharing:) All the best, again – good to have you back in Alaska!

  5. Hey Ron,

    I saw this in Tidal Wave a few weeks back and meant to comment on it .. awesome. I think that means no more for you on the milepost until everyone else has had a turn.




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