Un-bear-able headache

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Brown bear cub, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Brown bear cub, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

This little cub might look like he has a headache, but after watching him off and on for the last 4 days, I can say he has a pretty fun life of climbing logs, playing with sticks, playing with mom, nursing and eating – I don’t think he has a headache!

I just returned from my 4 day Alaska bear and puffin photo tour and I had a blast!   I knew we would have lots of bears – males, sows, cute cubs and even puffin, but I didn’t know I would have such a fun group.  Great stories and lots of laughs, it was really a fun time!

I will be offering two, 4 day tours with a limit of 6 people each next year around August 6 through the 12 with the possibility of doing the entire time for someone who would like more time with the bears.  Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming weeks.

Richard, Mike, Irene, Pam, Oliver and myself and the end of a fun tour.

Richard, Mike, Irene, Pam, Wilson and myself and the end of a fun tour.

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  1. Glad that you all had a great trip. You need to tell Richard to get with the program & buy Xtratufs next time! I heard a rumor that people in SE are stocking up before they start making them in China this fall.

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    Thanks Jon – I hadn’t hear that rumor, I hope the quality doesn’t suffer, because mine have lasted forever!

    Thanks Dennis!

  3. It was an amazing experience Ron. Thanks for putting this together for us.

    Jon – it would be cool to get a pair to use for coastal shooting at home but I’d have to eat 50 extra in baggage weight costs each way if I brought them along.

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    Thanks a lot Richard! Are you still in Seward? How was sunrise at Exit Glacier? The weather started out a little tough today, but did improve.

  5. Tried to get up but too tired since I got in at 1130 last night. Glacier looked great from 8-10 when I was there. At Sea Tac now.

    Btw, it’s Wilson not oliver

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    O my gosh – once I get something wrong in my head, I can’t get rid of it!

    I’m not surprised you didn’t get up – I would have been too tired too. That was a late, dark drive home. Hopefully you got some good shots!


  7. I originally set the alarm for 5:30 but once it went off I knew that I was in no condition to get up. Did you drive back to Seward last night? I almost hit a moose near the Katmai road turnoff last night but it was just ambling across the road like no big deal.

    Exit Glacier was okay but the landscape around the Resurrection River was awesome. Like Grand Teton / Snake River awesome. I can’t believe it is just a few miles from your house!

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    Glad you missed the moose!

    I agree, that area is like the Grand Tetons – but just miles from the house – I am very fortunate! Hope you made it home safe.

  9. Hey Ron

    Cool photo of the cub. Sounds like a great trip, which is good to hear. Glad you had a lot of fun, I’m sure you all have tons of cool stories from the trip.



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  11. Great Bear picture Ron, I can see this photo on the back of a tourist bus with the caption
    ” Oh no, its tourist season again ” HA……..

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    Thanks John, and thanks a lot for the referral! Next time I see you I owe you a burger and beer – maybe in Borrego this winter?

  15. Glad to help. I’ll take you up on the burger & beer – perhaps Borrego or maybe you’ll drift a bit further north to my new home state of Utah…

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  17. I moved just last month after signing a contract in April. Nice to own a house again and there’s a lot of places within reasonable driving distance (Provo area) – assuming I don’t travel quite as much as I have for work this past month. Plus Yellowstone and Grand Teton NP are both within 6 hrs…

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