Ushuaia, Argentina

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Ushuaia, Argentina.

Friends who had been to Ushuaia had told me it reminded them of my hometown of Seward, Alaska.  Sure enough, it did for me too.  A wet, snowy tourist town on the ocean, surrounded by mountains and National Park lands.   As the plane flew into the town’s airport, I was surprised at how even the geology seemed very similar – a far change from Buenos Aires, a town we had just flown out of 3 hours earlier.   At some 70,000 or more people, Ushuaia is far larger then Seward, but I did find myself feeling somewhat at home there despite the language and cultural differences.

Ushuaia is often billed as the Southernmost town in the world, although there is a small community nearby in Chile that disputes that claim for good reason – since they are further South.  One of the things that did surprise me, despite being about as far South as you can get in this World – further South then any place in South Africa, New Zealand or Australia, they really aren’t that far South.  Seward Alaska for example is far further North of the equator then Ushuaia is South.  Ushuaia’s latitude places it a little South of the Southernmost city in Alaska, Ketchikan.  So we didn’t have the crazy long days of sunlight like we do in the summer in Alaska, or like we would soon find in Antarctica.

Ushuaia is the typical starting point of most boat tours to Antarctica including ours.  There is a steady supply of interesting tour vessels into town – again, much like Seward, although many are icebreakers nothing like we typically see here.

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  1. Howdy, I’ve been following you on FB for a few years now and really respect what you do. You are probably the best and most prolific that I’ve come across. Thanks for the images and the hours spent armchair travelin. No room for more wall hangings right now, but will be looking once we make a move in the next few years,
    I have a question. I love to take pictures and am told I do it fairly well. I have no experience professionally. I have one photo in particular that was taken in Seward (Kenai Fjords) that I KNOW is good and unique. Are you able to tell me where I might sell this image….. how I might go about it….or an office or bureau I might call. I was thinking that the state of AK, or others, might be interested in this image for travel literature, etc.
    Thank You for your time

    Neil Buchanan ~ 248-739-2707 … the way – LOVE your Arizona stuff, and have forwarded your site to many friends….also share your stuff alot on FB.

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    Hi Neil,

    Thank you very much for the kind words! I appreciate it!

    It is so hard to sell just one image unless it was really really unique – ie., of big foot or something. Most agencies want to see a couple hundred images. If they are going to take the time and effort to set you up as a contributor, they want a steady supply of images.

    The same goes for magazines and calendar companies. It took a long time for me to get into Audubon and Sierra Club calendars – they too want to see a variety of images.

    There is no question an awesome photo could / would sell. Even just one photo of a humpback breaching in front of Aialik for example would be a hot item, I just don’t know if it would be worth all the effort when your upside would only be one image in a particular magazine or calendar. There is no question photography is a lot of a numbers game.

  3. Fair enough Ron,
    So you got some nice shots, but just a reminder, that dinner was awesome and it would have been better if you joined us.

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    @ Patrick – sure enough, would have made a different decision had I known that was one of the last times we would all have time and be healthy. How about dinner this year? I’m in! 🙂

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