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  1. You got some good skyline shots, Ron. I found Vancouver to be a difficult place to shoot as I never quite found a place where I liked the scenic opportunities.

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    Thanks Richard,

    Yeah, it was tough to find good viewpoints, especially by foot – I sure did a lot of walking and biking. I would have liked to have headed South of downtown so that the mountains might be in the background, but without a car that wasn’t an option.

  3. There is a scenic vista at Queen Elizabeth Park but the trees were mostly obscuring the skyline, good view of Grouse Mtn though if it is clear out. I’m thinking it might be suitable for a super-tele type of shot so the trees wouldn’t be such an issue.

  4. Hi Ron,
    I don’t chime in often but I check your blog regularly and I’m always impressed with your images and have enjoyed following your travels and success. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.
    I thought I’d put my two cents in on your suggestion that you may start doing photo trips. Thanks to a recommendation from Tom Bol I’ve been leading “photo safaris” in AK and Costa Rica for the last few years- (2 to 3 for Alaska Wildland Adventures and 2 to 3 a year for Journeys International) Before my first trip of 10 guests I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing but I’ve come to really love doing them. On top of spending time in stunning locations, unique lodging and enjoying great meals I’ve actually met many wonderful people, several of who are now good friends. I also end up with some great images for myself!
    From point and shooters to pros with the big toys it’s always a pleasure to spend time with people of like interests and be able to share my knowledge and experiences. Sure, there is the very rare “special” guest that makes things a little difficult- some people are never happy- but over all I think you’d enjoy it. I can’t say I’ve ever had body guards along but I’ve been privileged to spend time with some great people. The one thing I hear over and over is that guests appreciate the fact that, in contrast to other “pro” photo trips, I spend most of my time working with each client throughout the trip.I can tell by your work ethic and personality that you would put on a great trip. Good luck! Cheers.

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    Thanks Dennis!

    Hi Wayde,

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to write such a nice and encouraging comment! I really appreciate your advice and insight. I didn’t realize you were working with Alaska Wildland Adventures – they have an excellent reputation.

    I’m getting really excited about the idea. My biggest concern is the very rare “special guest” you talk about – I worry about them bringing the whole group down, but if I keep the groups small, I hoping that I will be able to kill the occasional bad apple with kindness sorta speak.

    Thanks again Wayde, and maybe I will run into you again in Denali one of these days.


  6. No problem Ron,
    Honestly I’ve only had one seriously “special”guest. The rest of the group had a ball despite the fact. It just meant I had to spend more time with that guest since no one else wanted to! A little extra stroking and there was no major issues. I know you’d mange fine. Again, very rare.

    I’ll look forward to bumping into you somewhere! Maybe even Seward…
    Nice calendar cover!

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