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  1. Agreed Ron. Victoria is as beautiful as you get. Looks like you had a productive trip. I heard on the radio this morning that Seattle was 103 yesterday. I’m guessing Vancouver was probably hot too.

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    Thanks Richard. I heard that as well – it was an all-time record high. When we left Canada, the forecast was for similar weather there as well. The parks in and around Vancouver and Victoria were really dry – lots of brown grass. That area is normally fairly green – they really need some rain, just hopefully it isn’t during your visit!

  3. Part of the reason we decided to spend four full days in Victoria was just in case it rains or is overcast all day long so we can at least get one day of clear weather. Was this your first time to Victoria?

  4. I thought that you may be interested in a monthly fun posting that I started in July called “5 on the fifth” where you take 5 random photographs on the fifth of the month and post them somewhere on the net and then post a comment on MY blog with your name, location and link to the site containing your photos and I update my blog entry so the world has your link.


    Here’s a link to my blog

    and a link to the last “5 on the fifth” entry

  5. This is a beautiful image Ron the flowers and harbor is beautiful. Just looking over your posts from the last few days, they are all very nice -just got back from a few days up in Grand Teton National park.

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    Hi Richard,

    Didn’t realize you were scheduled to visit Victoria. I went with Janine while she ran a marathon about 10 years ago, but didn’t photograph it on that trip.

    Thanks Dennis. I love the Grand Tetons, I hope you had a great trip!

    Hi Stephen, I will have to check out your challenge. This upcoming week is office work for me, so I may not have anything from the 5th.

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