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Sunset over the San Jacinto Mountains whick rise above Palm Springs, California

Sunset over the San Jacinto Mountains which rises above Palm Springs, California

Thanks to Janine’s hard work, our website is now completely updated with photos from this past summer and  fall!  This includes a big addition to our section of Las Vegas photos, and a much needed expansion to our Joshua Tree National Park coverage – a place we pass by frequently, but often overlook.  I hope to spend much more time there in the years to come.

We seem to work really hard to process and publish our images, and always manage to finish just before heading out on the next long trip.  We then travel, and the process starts over.  A part of me wouldn’t mind some extra time in the office to address all those little things we never have time for, but a much bigger part of me can’t wait to hit the road with my camera!

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  1. Hey Ron

    I’m with ya – the road and a camera is more fun. 🙂
    Galleries look good – great job with the photos and Janine for the webpages.



  2. Awesome work, Ron! I can only imagine what it’d be like to have your lifestyle! However hopefully that’ll change in the not-too-distant future. Great job to the both of you!

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