White Rim Trail, Canyonlands

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The Green River from the White Rim Trail, Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

The Green River from the White Rim Trail, Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

How is this for an amazing campsite? !   There are two camp sites in this area, unfortunately, we had the site next to it which wasn’t as close to the river, but still very nice.   So, as these people slept in, I quietly used their tents for my photo.

This was definitely one of the nicest campsites on the trail.  On-line, I had trouble finding much information on the different campsites – so we checked them out on this trip and will do a write up on the best camp sites along the White Rim Trail when I have more time, probably once I get back to Alaska.

Here is more information about the White Rim Trail.

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  1. LOL…while they ‘slept in?’ I’m guessing it wasn’t all that late when you took this photo, Ron.

  2. Hey Ron,

    Had to laugh at Julie’s post above – right on!

    Leave No Trace protocols are generally 200′ from a water source, right? Is it different here because it’s rock, not soil, underfoot? I’m guessing it’s all designated campsites, right?

    Looks like a gorgeous morning – this shot SO makes me wanna be there (LNT or not).



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    Thanks Dennis.

    Hi Julie – Funny – yeah if I wasn’t a photographer, I would have been sound asleep!

    Hi Carl. They are very big on that here, in fact if you want to do any back country trips, or any trips down the Colorado River or even kayaking on Lake Powell, you have to haul your own portable toilet. You can rent them here in Moab – haven’t seen one, but they can’t be very light – doesn’t sound like something I want to backpack with, but the 6 inch hole 200 feet from water thing doesn’t fly around here.

    The designated campsites on the White Rim Trail all had “modern vault toilets” aka outhouse. They actually were very nice and clean – for an outhouse.

  4. Mmm, as soon as I get my truck camper put back together and as soon as I have some more time off….Looks great, Ron. Very attrative photo. Definitely makes me want to have my feet up lounging with a beer in my hand!

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    I agree Drew!

    Laurent, funny you should mention that – we didn’t have much room, but put two beers in the cooler and saved them for this, our last night along the trail. Best beer I have had in awhile!

    You can get to this location fairly easily even with your camper on the truck by coming in from the North – this is the Layberith (sp ?) campsite.


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  7. Ron. I’d like to paint a version of this image (amateur at best) . I’m trying to combine and learn elements of perspective, layers, and Rockwall erosion. This is an awesome image to work from. I’d like a high res image to paint from if possible?

    Erin Lewis

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