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The mountains of the Chugach National Forest barely emereging from the clouds last weekend, near Seward, Alaska.

The mountains of the Chugach National Forest barely emerging from the clouds last weekend, near Seward, Alaska.

Again today it is blowing and snowing hard outside.  I thought it might be a good time of year to share some older posts on winter photography.

First, I think anyone who may be doing any photography in cold, winter weather should find this post helpful:  8 Winter Photography Tips.

For those in the Northern portion of the Northern Hemisphere, this can also be a great time to photograph northern lights.  Scientist have reached a consensus that last December was the low point of our current solar cycle, so the northern light activity will probably continue to be slow, but hopefully improving.  The next solar maximum is estimated to hit in 2013.

Even during bad years you can see the occasional northern lights (aurora borealis).  With that in mind, here are two more older posts that may be beneficial:  Finding northern lights / aurora borealis and another post on photographing northern lights / aurora borealis.

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  1. Hi Ron,
    I just re-read your winter photography articles. Thanks for the wealth of information. Lots of great opportunities to capture the beauty of winter here in Anchorage!
    All the best,

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    Hi Gary – yeah, that makes winter much easier!

    Hi Dan, Thanks. It has turned to warm rain here – so much for all that beautiful snow!


  3. Just discovered your blog and I really enjoy your pics. This one is one of my favorite, so calm and somehow secret. Thanks a lot for all “scientific” details, it give another dimention to photography (much nicer and deeper than regular gear technical details).
    Thumbs up!

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  5. I am amazed every time that I look at your photography because it is so beautiful. Although the image is almost completely white from the snow, I can still tell that there is a mountain. The little bit of green from the trees at the bottom really helps to off-set the image.

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