Wrangell St Elias National Park Photos

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Wrangell St Elias National Park Photos

The photos I have been posting over the last few days during my little weather detour, along with today’s photo, are all from The Wrangell St. Elias National Park, in Alaska.

“The Wrangell’s”, as they are referred to by locals are an amazing, dramatic range of mountains.  The National Park that encompasses much of them receives very few visitors.  Today’s photo probably illustrates why the area receives few visitors, that isn’t easy hiking country!

There are two roads into the park, the Nabasna and McCarthy roads.  These roads don’t make access much easier as both are long dirt roads, with lots of washboard and tire eating rocks.  The Nabesna Road even contains a few stream crossings that can be challenging in high water, especially if you don’t have four wheel drive.  Most rental car agencies won’t allow their vehicles on either road.  I will elaborate on the Wrangell’s over the next few days.  You can follow this link to our photo website to see more of our Wrangell St. Elias National Park photos

The unfortunate haze you see in this photo was smoke from a nearby wildfire.

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