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The Yankee Peddler, Wrightwood, California.

The Yankee Peddler, Wrightwood, California.

 For me, the Yankee Peddler isn’t just a cool little photogenic store in Wrightwood, but it is also owned and operated by my sister-in-law Brenda.

We spent Christmas with family in Wrightwood, where I think they had as much snow as we did in Alaska.  It is interesting what happens when it snows in the mountains so close to a huge, snow-less city like Los Angeles – thousands of people flock there to play in the snow.  The traffic was pretty crazy, but it looked like people with sleds and snowballs were having a lot of fun.

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  1. Janine, I talked to your mother, (my sister) and she gave me your web site. If you are still are wondering who this is, it’s your uncle ray. I have been looking at the pics and they are great!! I like this picture because I got a newspaper clipping from Mary Ann but it did not do it justice. This one does. If you come to boring southern Indiana to take pictures of corn let me know. Ray

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    Thanks Beth – sounds like a place I should check out someday!

    Thanks Sherri!

    Hi Ray – I just let Janine know you posted a comment, so I’m sure she will respond soon. Great to hear from you! Ron

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