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  1. Judging by the look on his face, it looks like something terrible was going to happen to you (incoming car or such) 🙂

    Still, I think squirrels are cuter 🙂

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  4. Looks like the otter is praying for you to make a good shot of him – which you did to perfection

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  6. Funny I started posting otter photos with in days of this post. Otters are in the air. Great photo and they are one of the cutest subjects out there. Always a fan favorite.

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  8. While searching google images for sea otters for a student art/literacy project I stumbled upon your sea otter!!! Great photo by the way ~ just like all of yours!!!

    What cute creatures they are and so smart! Unique expression! Will share with my students, and if you haven’t read the book TUESDAY by David Wiesner, pick it up and do so – short text, mysterious storyline and detailed images ~ illustrations are powerful! Students LOVE this book so we’re choosing an animal (other than the author’s frog/toad) and drawing a scene with “floating” animals with a “propulsion” from their natural habitat! One girl already has sketches of different dog breeds floating with their beds or pillows beneath them. Fun stuff and great for critical thinking skills OUTSIDE of the box! (or book!)

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